Crime Drama Poster Concept

Was doing some Photoshop training and practising yesterday, and it culminated in this exercise – a fake movie poster concept, firmly in the crime genre, and imaginatively titled ‘Crime Drama’. The poster is made entirely from public domain stock imagery, and behold the movie poster cliches! Strobes, flares, sparks oh my… I almost added rain but had to stop myself.  Need a poster for your film from short to feature, or […]

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The Crypt Studio Logo on Design Week

Nice to see our recent work for The Crypt Studio featured on the inspiration page of Design Week. If you’re registered view the feature here, and you can see our write up over at the portfolio section.

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Michael Kiwanuka Love And Hate Cover Art Pitch

So with the new single and video from Michael Kiwanuka (‘Black Man In A White World’) making waves this week, ahead of his new album ‘Love And Hate’, I thought I’d share some of my pitch concepts for the album cover. I submitted these with a treatment outlining how I’d approach the project, and while ultimately the concepts were rejected I think there’s some good work here. The brief called […]

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RIP Malik Taylor AKA Phife Dawg

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Miles Davis & Robert Glasper Soundtrack Press Ad

This week I had the pleasure of working up a press ‪advert‬ for the soundtrack of the Don Cheadle produced/directed/starring Miles Davis film ‘Miles Ahead’, and the accompanying Robert Glasper album for Sony Music UK. I’m a big fan of them all, and have heard very positive things about the film at previews, so this was a cool little job to get involved in. Look out for the ad in the UK […]

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Tex Montana Will Survive Poster

So a few years ago I made poster art for a great US indie film called The Battery, starring, written and directed by Jeremy Gardner & produced by O’Hannah Films. Well Jeremy’s back with a new comedy-survivalist film called ‘Tex Montana Will Survive’, and a new distribution model on Kickstarter. Instead of trying to recoup the cost of movie-making through sales, the guys are going to release their film, for absolutely free right […]

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Congratulations Kendrick Lamar 5 GRAMMYs

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2017 DeLorean DMC-12 Press Ads

With the news that my all-time, favourite car the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 is making a comeback in 2017, I thought I’d mock up a couple of press ads in tribute. And Stephen Wynne if you happen to be reading this – call me. All imagery used either public domain or Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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Graphic Design Surgery

As a designer, I can’t help but notice graphic design‬ out-and-about, especially when there isn’t much of it. I can appreciate there are reasons for this – no equipment, no expertise etc, so if I see a communication that can be improved, I’ll sometimes just offer a solution. No brief or commission, just as a attempt to educate. Point in case here, when I came across a leaflet from the reputable ‪Phoenix‬ Cinema […]

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The X Files s10 ep1 Review

When I was very young, I found myself reading a lot. I went to the library weekly, and I would happily browse through the racks gazing along the spines of books. We also had a lot of books at home, all my mothers. Most of them Agatha Christie or Charles Dickens, or the odd rapturous romance novel. You could tell by the typography what you were in for. But there was […]

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