Below The Colour Line

Today I happened upon a great article in The Guardian, examining famed director Steve McQueen’s position on the Oscar-race issue backlash, or perhaps more succintly the ‘Oscar Problem’ still dominating headlines and opinion pieces. McQueen and the interviewer’s discourse on the under-representation of minorities in Hollywood, is as you’d expect illuminating and brilliant. I’ll avoid re-purposing that text in this post – you can read the full article here. But one section […]

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Reduxe VFX Motion Graphics

So this year the moving image is a big focus for Bunbury Creative. I’ve been developing my chops on the VFX and motion graphic fronts, and am doing some training behind a camera at the end of the month. In the spirit of doing better I believe it can add value to digital advertising, as well as digital in general. I’d like to confidently add a video production remit to our […]

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RIP David Bowie

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New Year, New Directions

So as we bade farewell to a busy and energising 2015, we dive into the new year with boundless enthusiasm and a new positioning for Bunbury Creative. With so many creative resources in a finite space, we’re taught to differentiate by skills, capability and scope. However the ubiquitous nature of our computer-based methodology makes this a bit redundant. Or in simpler terms, most designers can use Photoshop fairly well, but […]

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Creative Commission Live Energy Exhibition

Last night was the launch night of Creative Commission’s ‘Live Energy’ exhibition, at Relentless on London’s Denmark Street. The exhibition is comprised of highlights from CC’s network of designers, illustrators and photographers (including work by yours truly), from projects commissioned through their platform. Met some lovely people, and the CC guys themselves who shared their passion and vision for both the exhibition and the creative industry. If you’re around in […]

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Capital Jingle Bell Ball

Here’s a bit of coverage of our current work on Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball (for Trigger) in Media Week. Bunbury Creative designed the ads which future multiple executions allowing for a ‘live’ deployment as the lineup for the show is announced. The DOOH campaign is running throughout London on multiple sites for the rest of the week. Full write up coming soon, but if you’re out and about keep an […]

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Gun Control by Rick Boyko

In the wake of another senseless shooting on a campus in Tennessee, USA (details are still being confirmed), and as a firm believer in design serving a place in our society beyond product advertising, I wanted to share this amazing gun control/’God Bless America’ poster created 35 years ago. I don’t post this with any anti-American sentiment at all, just an appreciation for how graphic design can galvanise change and crystallise public […]

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Reduxe – “Canyons”

Here’s some new Reduxe music for your listening pleasure! It’s a synthwave slow-burner featuring spoken word by Philomela, guitar by Eric Maldonado, and of course artwork by Bunbury Creative. Give it a spin and visit the Bandcamp for more. Canyons by Reduxe

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Sam Smith Spectre Posters

So, the site updates have finally started rolling! So this post is old news by that standard, but if you’ve been out and about in the UK the past month or so you would have seen a lot of my outdoor work – most of which I’m prohibited from talking about! (due to those pesky non-disclosure agreements) But from motion graphics, animated screens, digital DOOH advertising – we’ve been doing it […]

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Vote Kanye!

To the shock and general bemusement of the entire world, Kanye West appeared at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards and announced his 2020 presidential bid. While the news tilted the globe slightly off it’s axis, millions agreed that a prospective run by the superstar would still be an improvement on Donald Trump. He’s not no politician, bro! So get a head start on the campaign trail with this ‘Vote Kanye’ […]

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