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Sony Christmas Press Ad Artwork And Photography

Here’s press ad artwork for Sony Music UK and music retailer HMV I recently completed. Music fans can find it in the current issue of Uncut, a monthly magazine aimed that focuses on music both classic and contemporary, culture and movies. It’s the first of my Christmas graphic design jobs for 2016, but is also noteworthy for another reason. It’s the first ad artwork where I’ve done everything, from the photography to the […]

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A Guide to T-Shirt Printing and DTG Platforms

Over the years I’ve made several forays into designing and t-shirt printing as an independent creative, and as a graphic designer working for clothing manufacturers. These days, the graphic t-shirt printing market is increasingly challenged. Both with the peak of oversaturated streetwear brands, and smaller labels unable to compete with the ‘fast fashion’ of mainstream chains. When I started out, the main two ways for a graphic designer to get an image […]

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London Boroughs Basketball Graphics

Over the summer I started playing basketball again for the first time in years. Initially just as something to do with my kid, I quickly rediscovered how much I loved the game. But with getting back into it, I need some proper gear to play in. Gone are the days of playing in inappropriate clothing (tight running shorts run a risk of unsightly exposure). As a man of a certain […]

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Advice For A Young Graphic Designer

I recently enlisted the help of a young graphic designer for a contract, and as a ‘senior’ designer I found myself offering bits of advice here and there. From how to approach a new project, to finding one’s feet in an industry many say is on the decline. So in this post I’ve attempted to crystallise some of these thoughts into a few points that may be of benefit to young creatives, […]

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The Art of Sign Design And Exterior Graphics

Many years ago I was fortunate to have met design legend Neville Brody, who at the time was working on a large way finding and interior graphic scheme for a shopping complex in Paris. Being in his studio and seeing just a glimpse of how creativity can elevate a simple sign design into a brilliant piece of visual communication was an unforgettable experience. So one of my more interesting freelance jobs […]

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What’s Wrong With Alternative Movie Posters?

Many years back before finding my feet as graphic designer, I had started out wanting to be an illustrator. The work I had done to this point, consisted of cartoons for flyers and sketches for several abandoned comic book projects – all fun, but nothing viable commercially or artistically. But here I was, a designer on the rise, gladly relegating illustration to brainstorming sessions on flip charts, where I first discovered Mondo. Mondo is an American company creating limited […]

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Tex Montana Will Survive Poster

So a few years ago I made poster art for a great US indie film called The Battery, starring, written and directed by Jeremy Gardner & produced by O’Hannah Films. Well Jeremy’s back with a new comedy-survivalist film called ‘Tex Montana Will Survive’, and a new distribution model on Kickstarter. Instead of trying to recoup the cost of movie-making through sales, the guys are going to release their film, for absolutely free right […]

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Graphic Design Surgery

As a designer, I can’t help but notice graphic design‬ out-and-about, especially when there isn’t much of it. I can appreciate there are reasons for this – no equipment, no expertise etc, so if I see a communication that can be improved, I’ll sometimes just offer a solution. No brief or commission, just as a attempt to educate. Point in case here, when I came across a leaflet from the reputable ‪Phoenix‬ Cinema […]

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The X Files s10 ep1 Review

When I was very young, I found myself reading a lot. I went to the library weekly, and I would happily browse through the racks gazing along the spines of books. We also had a lot of books at home, all my mothers. Most of them Agatha Christie or Charles Dickens, or the odd rapturous romance novel. You could tell by the typography what you were in for. But there was […]

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Below The Colour Line

Today I happened upon a great article in The Guardian, examining famed director Steve McQueen’s position on the Oscar-race issue backlash, or perhaps more succintly the ‘Oscar Problem’ still dominating headlines and opinion pieces. McQueen and the interviewer’s discourse on the under-representation of minorities in Hollywood, is as you’d expect illuminating and brilliant. I’ll avoid re-purposing that text in this post – you can read the full article here. But one section […]

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