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A Guide to T-Shirt Printing and DTG Platforms

Over the years I’ve made several forays into designing and t-shirt printing as an independent creative, and as a graphic designer working for clothing manufacturers. These days, the graphic t-shirt printing market is increasingly challenged. Both with the peak of oversaturated streetwear brands, and smaller labels unable to compete with the ‘fast fashion’ of mainstream chains. When I started out, the main two ways for a graphic designer to get an image […]

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London Boroughs Basketball Graphics

Over the summer I started playing basketball again for the first time in years. Initially just as something to do with my kid, I quickly rediscovered how much I loved the game. But with getting back into it, I need some proper gear to play in. Gone are the days of playing in inappropriate clothing (tight running shorts run a risk of unsightly exposure). As a man of a certain […]

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Ed Sheeran T-Shirts on sale

So if you Ed Sheeran fans among you managed to make it down to the London Wembley gigs, you may have seen my artwork floating around the merchandise area. If not, don’t worry – the good people over at Warner Music have the must-have mementos online for your perusal and purchase! Just visit the link here. If you didn’t make it down to the gig, consider it an opportunity to […]

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Ed Sheeran gig poster by Bunbury Creative

So as per usual it’s been a busy month over here at BCHQ. Unfortunately various non-disclosure-agreements prevent me from talking about some of the juicier projects, but am very happy I can talk about this one. I’m very happy to have asked to design & illustrate a poster for the 2015 Ed Sheeran world tour which started this week, for client Warner Music initially through Creative Commission. The ‘Multiply’ A2 art print will be available […]

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Bunbury Creative Apparel

Here’s my little brother and digital publishing professional Richard Bunbury sporting some fine BC apparel! It’s a family business after all… Check out more in the Store.

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