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RIP Prince

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Crime Drama Poster Concept

Was doing some Photoshop training and practising yesterday, and it culminated in this exercise – a fake movie poster concept, firmly in the crime genre, and imaginatively titled ‘Crime Drama’. The poster is made entirely from public domain stock imagery, and behold the movie poster cliches! Strobes, flares, sparks oh my… I almost added rain but had to stop myself.  Need a poster for your film from short to feature, or […]

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Michael Kiwanuka Love And Hate Cover Art Pitch

So with the new single and video from Michael Kiwanuka (‘Black Man In A White World’) making waves this week, ahead of his new album ‘Love And Hate’, I thought I’d share some of my pitch concepts for the album cover. I submitted these with a treatment outlining how I’d approach the project, and while ultimately the concepts were rejected I think there’s some good work here. The brief called […]

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2017 DeLorean DMC-12 Press Ads

With the news that my all-time, favourite car the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 is making a comeback in 2017, I thought I’d mock up a couple of press ads in tribute. And Stephen Wynne if you happen to be reading this – call me. All imagery used either public domain or Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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Below The Colour Line

Today I happened upon a great article in The Guardian, examining famed director Steve McQueen’s position on the Oscar-race issue backlash, or perhaps more succintly the ‘Oscar Problem’ still dominating headlines and opinion pieces. McQueen and the interviewer’s discourse on the under-representation of minorities in Hollywood, is as you’d expect illuminating and brilliant. I’ll avoid re-purposing that text in this post – you can read the full article here. But one section […]

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RIP David Bowie

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Gun Control by Rick Boyko

In the wake of another senseless shooting on a campus in Tennessee, USA (details are still being confirmed), and as a firm believer in design serving a place in our society beyond product advertising, I wanted to share this amazing gun control/’God Bless America’ poster created 35 years ago. I don’t post this with any anti-American sentiment at all, just an appreciation for how graphic design can galvanise change and crystallise public […]

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“How To Work Better” by Peter Fischli & David Weiss (1991)

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Yeezus Fan Footage Film

Check out this amazing ‘Yeezus’ tour film compiled of fan footage from almost every stop on the Kanye West tour, seamlessly edited to make one cohesive film. Created by John Colandra, this feels like a possible, divergent future in filmmaking. With our penchant to constantly record and generate content from our mobile devices, crowdsourced, community-led movies become an inevitability. Such filmmaking presents a far more honest and authentic document – far […]

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Type Safari with James Victore

For all you typography enthusiasts out there, check out this great video in which notorious art director James Victore takes a type-fuelled tour of Brooklyn and Queens. Amidst the storefronts and visual merchandise – some more successful than others – he attempts to make sense of type on the street, dropping on-point observations and critiques on the way. – GB

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