Londoners (and anyone who might be visiting our esteemed capital), be sure to pick up a copy of Time Out today, and check out my illustration of Gary Barlow stomping through London’s ‘Theatreland’! It was created for a feature in the magazine’s Theatre & Dance section.

For the uninitiated or you non-UK residents out there, Gary Barlow is a former member of UK super-boy-band Take That, now a leading singer/songwriter, performer, television personality, and a theatre producer. As he could well bring a staggering three musicals to London’s West End this year, the good folks over at Time Out wanted to celebrate the achievement by commissioning me to do artwork for a feature. The brief was the idea of Gary as a ‘benign Godzilla‘, asserting his newfound status on Shaftesbury Avenue. I had an idea of a towering Gary stepping over buildings, but without the usual calamity and destruction, and from that an idea was born.

View the online edition of Time Out here, and if you or anyone else would like some original artwork by Yours Truly here at Greg Bunbury Creative, get in touch.

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