Check out this cool little one-page website/landing page I recently created for up-and-coming singer/songwriter Rhea. Bunbury Creative been working with her for some time now, both on frontline design work and behind-the-scenes creative direction. As she’s about to enter a new phase of promotion gearing for a new release, we were enlisted to consolidate her online presence into one site. I recommend that any band or artist should have one main online ‘destination’, that carries all of the most pertinent information, and allows fans the opportunity to engage or discover your social accounts. However – and this is a challenge that any aspiring creative needs to consider – if you have limited content at an early stage, and are unable to put in countless hours into constant site updates, how do you best represent yourself?

In consideration of this, many new artists will tend to use their Soundcloud, Bandcamp or even a micro-blog such as Tumblr as their main online destination. This is a fairly straightforward matter of purchasing a URL and pointing it wherever an audience needs to go. But in an age where content is king, many platforms do an inadequate job of selling or packaging an artist. This may not be as important depending on the artists’ genre – in fact it can better serve some, in positioning themselves as ‘underground’. Key in cases where an association with professionalism can appear too ‘polished’.

This calls to mind a brief I pitched for some time ago, where a major recording artist on a very well-known label, wanted creative work that made them seem as if they were on an independent label. In this case, the image of the artist needed to be undersold. This is fine if you’re an award-winning, daytime radio staple. But what of the name on the rise?

In the case of Rhea, the package and presentation is key. In an already crowded space of female soloists, it presents a challenge to achieve cut-through. This is done by creating a story. In this way prospective interests – from record labels, tour managers to fans – are given something to invest in. So in this case we make the artists’  story the focal point of the site, hence the decision to create a one-page or landing page site. It functions as a hub for Rhea’s social accounts, an electronic press kit, and a gateway to her growing brand.

Using a WordPress-powered framework means as things progress and more content is generated around her forthcoming release, the site can expand to fit without the need for hard-core web development or constant web design. Having extensive experience of developing WordPress sites and access to a huge variety of templates, means I can create a manageable yet engaging web experience for audiences.

Be sure to check out the Rhea site here, and if you need a similar solution as either a band, artist or on someone’s behalf, feel free to get in touch.


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