Sport Playlist Branding

  • Client: Shoot Music
  • Skills: Branding, Featured

Shoot Music Promotions is a music promotion specialist for the sport market. As part of a growing portfolio of services and offering, the company have launched a Sport Playlist Spotify feature, for which I was asked to develop a suite of logos.

The new logos needed synergy with the existing Shoot brand, and a degree of adaptability as they would reflect several different sports. After a few initial rounds we settled on the final ‘badge’ design. Here the logo ‘lockup’ integrates Shoot’s branding, but the lettering allows us to target specific sports, using the circular ‘O’ as a graphic device. The result is the new branding maintains the integrity of the overall, umbrella brand, but gives a clear identity to Sport Playlist, and perhaps other future sub-brands.

Visit Sport Playlist on Spotify here.