Time Out Magazine Gary Barlow Illustration

Time Out Gary Barlow 1

  • Client: Time Out London
  • Skills: Illustration

Time Out is a magazine published by Time Out Digital Ltd. Created in 1968, the London-based publication has expanded its editorial recommendations to 107 cities worldwide, across 39 countries, with a monthly audience of 40 million readers across content distribution platforms including mobile, website, magazine and events.

The publication commissioned me to create an illustration for it’s Theatre & Dance section, on a feature previewing London-based musicals in development, with a lead column on Gary Barlow.

Gary Barlow is a former member of UK super-boy-band Take That, now a leading singer/songwriter, performer, television personality, and a theatre producer. As he could well bring a staggering three musicals to London’s West End this year, the idea was to celebrate this achievement with an illustration. The brief was the idea of Gary as a ‘benign Godzilla‘, asserting his newfound status, ‘stomping’ through ‘theatreland’ (the area in London’s West End famed for it’s plethora of theatres).

I had an idea of a towering Gary stepping over buildings, and from that the idea was born. I presented an initial rough sketch of the concept, drawn with a Wacom tablet and Photoshop, and once approved moved to line-art in Adobe Illustrator. I then coloured the image according to the magazine’s section colours, and added the little references to the subject in the background.